Donating & Volunteering During the Gas Line Crisis


PHA is dedicated to helping the impacted families rebuild their lives. We do not know when or how many families we will be assisting. We are projecting what this will look like and you can help with those anticipated needs by:

1) Mattress Funds – We will be assisting families impacted by providing brand new mattress sets. Funds will be held until the need is confirmed. In the “Anything Else You’d Like Us To Know About This Donation?” box you may write “mattress donation for families impacted by gas tragedy”. Should all needs be met and we still have funds available, we will purchase mattress sets for other families in crisis.

Donate to PHA’s Good Night Sleep Program

2) We have collected a good number of items, because of your generosity, and the items helpful to shelters have been and will continue to be distributed as needs change. The items best suited to be given out once people have found new homes are being warehoused and will be distributed as families move in. We are working very closely with the administrators at the Lawrence Senior Center and as they get ready to secure housing for each family, they will give us a list of their needs and we will reach out to the community to supplement the items we don’t have in stock.

3) Donation Pick Ups – Once we know what the needs are we will be putting together donor, volunteer, and truck brigades! Should you want to volunteer to help pick up furniture in our local community or help drive our truck, please use this form and we will add you to our distribution list and be in touch shortly.

Pick Up Brigade

SIgn up to volunteer to help pick up furniture, drive our truck, or unload furniture at PHA.