Turning Houses Into Homes

At Project Home Again, we partner with local social service agencies to provide low-income families with the new and gently used household goods, furniture and appliances that they need to live with comfort and dignity.



The latest information we have on what you can do to help and where you can be helped if you need it:

1. If you are in need of shelter, Central Catholic High School at 300 Hampshire Street, Lawrence has opened their doors. They have 86 beds, food, and hot showers for anyone displaced and in need.

2. The Lawrence Senior Center is in dire need of laundry detergent, canned goods (think simple soups, Spaghetti-O’s, Ramen, tuna, and more), first aid items, full-sized shampoos, soaps, and soy or alementum baby formulas. Even more so they are in DIRE need of gift cards to places like Market Basket, Target, Wal-Mart – locations that offer groceries. They are located at 155 Haverhill Street, Lawrence. Volunteers are still needed!

3. Our friends at Debbie’s Treasure Chest needs are fluctuating. Check their facebooks page and website for latest detail of their needs.

4. We continue to accept items off of our Amazon Wishlist. These are anticipated needs and all items will be held until they are matched with families who need them. Should all of the needs of the impacted families be met, the items will go to other families in crisis.

PHA’s Amazon Wish List

5. We continue to accept monetary donations to our Good Night Sleep program. We will be purchasing brand new mattress sets for those who need them. Should all of the mattress beds of the impacted families be met, the remaining funds will be used to purchase mattress sets for other families in crisis. Just go right to our DONATE ONLINE page of this website if you choose to support this effort.

6. Become part of our volunteer Pick Up Brigade. Details are right here!

7. If you’d like to donate funds for other needs, all donations to the Essex County Community Foundation will be used to directly assist those severely impacted by the catastrophe. Another great way to give to a local organization that supports the community.



Please stay tuned as we continue to cover immediate needs, alerts, and resources. We are trying to keep up as best we can.


Give us 3 minutes of your time and we will open up your heart.

The Impact

Everyone deserves to feel at home, no matter their living situation. Our clients find hope and respect on the path to self-sufficiency.

Where We Work

Working out of Lawrence, Massachusetts, we serve families and individuals across Northeastern Massachusetts.

Get Involved

We love our supporters! Stay connected with us by volunteering, attending events and keeping up to date with our newsletter.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give, both monetary and in kind, to provide our families with what they need to feel comfortable and at home.

Want to help, but not sure what we accept or how to donate it? See our guidelines for gently-used donations and learn how to donate goods to Project Home Again.
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Our Volunteers Feel at Home

Our volunteers are what make PHA a special organization! Because we believe it is important to give people a meaningful way to help the community, our goal is to make every volunteer feel like their time spent at PHA is fulfilling. There are so many different jobs that need to be done and we encourage our volunteers to decide which feels best for them. A favorite thing for us is to see the bonds that have formed with our volunteer staff and also to see how their lives have been touched by their interactions with our clients. Whether you want to help out each week, once a month, or every so often, we hope to see you soon!

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From Our Partners

“Sitting here writing this, my eyes get watery knowing how much need there is out there and blessed to have a place like Project Home Again, providing hope and a new start for these families… THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO is just not enough – there are no words to express our gratitude.”

- Damaris Santiago, MSPCC Caseworker

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