By providing all the household goods and furniture necessary to live in comfort and with the dignity we all deserve, PHA has changed countless lives in the Merrimack Valley. Every client who visits us receives a customized array of items to fit their unique needs. We have also touched the hearts of people from all over the world with our TikTok videos and they, in return, continue to shower our clients with new items to take to their new houses and help turn them into homes. We believe PHA is a place where magic happens for our clients. As one recent visitor said, “You can feel the heart the minute you walk in the door.”

We’ve helped tens of thousands of people in need furnish their homes.

What Our Partners Say

“I am a social worker who works with refugee and newcomer families. When I took this position, I never imagined seeing the level of need that exists. It can be overwhelming hearing and seeing the needs of families and not having resources to help them. I was fortunate to hear about PHA.

When I first visited PHA, it was impressive at how staff welcomed and treated clients. PHA has not only provided a bed for children to sleep on, it has also allowed families to furnish their apartments and create a safe, warm environment for children.The families I work with are victims of crime, witnesses to war, and survivors of loss and trauma. They are skilled at “surviving” and often spend their limited resources trying to meet their primary needs. I want to thank PHA for providing them with the possibility of meeting some of their primary needs and provides these families with hope. Thank you for all that you do with families.”

– Rocio Camargo-Ruiz, Social Worker

“I’m a Care Coordinator from Arbour Counseling and my clients benefit immensely from PHA. The reason PHA is important to my co-workers and I and our clients is because it allows our clients to gain hope again and to be able to provide a home for themselves and or their families. Most of our clients have low incomes, have little to nothing or have to start over again for a variety of reasons and without PHA that wouldn’t be possible. The staff and volunteers at PHA go above and beyond for each client and treat each of them with dignity. Every one of my clients that I have referred to PHA are extremely grateful and always leave there with a huge smile and state “they don’t know what they would have done if it wasn’t for PHA!” PHA is an awesome program and it’s great to be reminded that there are people out there who love and care about the needs of others!”

– Care Coordinator from Arbour Counseling

“Sitting here writing this my eyes get watery knowing how much need there is out there and blessed to have a place like Project Home Again, providing hope and a new start for these families… THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO is just not enough – there are no words to express our gratitude.”

– Damaris Santiago, MSPCC Caseworker

“Here at New Horizons, thanks to your huge donation of Christmas decorations and gift wrap, we were able to make their visit from Santa magical!!! During our holiday party that took place on Dec 15th, families enjoyed making new memories by a beautifully lit Christmas tree, breaking bread with their families at an elegantly decorated table, and ripping open their beautifully wrapped gifts from Santa!! If it weren’t for Project Home Again, this party would never have been so memorable. The looks in their eyes when they arrived to the party was priceless!! Thank you Project Home Again for helping us create a welcoming and warm environment to our families fleeing Domestic Violence.”

– New Horizons

“Knowing first-hand how dedicated and accommodating your staff are to my clients in need… I swear; your agency really makes my job as a Case Managers so much easier! There’s nothing more rewarding to me than hearing from clients how their experience and referral to Project Home Again was nurturing and pleasant. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! It has always been an honor of mine to be allowed to collaborate with such an inspirational agency!!

Wishing you the best in 2017…thank you from all of us here at CTI!! Forever in your debt.”

– Eliza Cruz

“I have worked with Nancy and her Agency for many years and it is my opinion that Project Home Again provides a crucial service for our communities. I have referred many clients to PHA through the years, and will continue to do so, as I’m confident my clients will be treated, as it has been in the past, with the utmost respect and dignity.”

– Luz Rodriguez, BS

“The help and support that the individuals with whom I work have received from Project Home Again have been invaluable. Living on a fixed income leave little extra to purchase things that most of us take for granted – even the simple things like dishes, bake ware, kitchen utensils, pots and pans and blankets! With the assistance of Nancy and the PHA staff, a homeless mother and her children were able to get new mattresses in preparation for a move into their new apartment; a woman who had the courage to leave a domestic violence situation with not much but her clothing and some things she was able to hide in a closet was able to furnish an apartment; a single father and daughter were able to get new mattresses and a few other furnishings for their new apartment (dad had been sleeping on the floor). These are just a few of the many that have been helped by the kindness and generosity of Nancy and the Project Home Again staff. I always encourage the individuals with whom I work to send out an appreciation of their thanks. I know how much they appreciate the assistance received. On behalf of everyone that has received services from PHA in the past and for the individuals that will utilize your services in the future, I express my sincerest appreciation for all that you do- service, support, time, and dedication.”

– Coline Emond, Case Manager

Words of Gratitude From Our Clients

“There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to you and all of the PHA staff/volunteers that helped to make my apartment a home. My grief and loss ran very deep and I thought it would take a very long time before I had a “cozy home”. In one day, with that visit to PHA, I felt such an enormous “balancing of scales” and resolution within myself. I felt hope and contentment wash over me in waves. I walk around my home in silence and just stare (in wonder) at the beauty and comfort of it all. I am so grateful to you and your staff for the work that you do. To be the recipient of that much generosity was overwhelming and left me asking myself what more I can do to contribute goodness to the world. From a practical standpoint, the furnishings have allowed me to live in a home again and even open up my home for visitors and friends, and even an impromtu cup of tea with a neighbor. Tears of gratitude are falling as I write this note. I thank the universe and stardust that made you. I wish you blessings and peace.”

– Tessa

Thank you so much for everything you gave my family. Our apartment now looks like it could be on the cover of “House Beautiful” magazine. We will never forget you.

– Felicia

“What Project Home Again did for me is hard to describe. All I can say is that I cannot wait to be able to help someone else the way you helped me. I don’t want anyone else to feel as lost as I felt. The home you created for me truly let me start over and I am finally looking forward to what the future will bring.”

– Lauren

“Before we came to you, we had nothing. My children sleep on the floor. We eat sitting on boxes. Now we have a home. Thank you.

– Neomi

A Word From Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are giving and passionate people who partner up with us to help increase our impact and turn more houses into homes. Check out opportunities and join us.

“A friend and I were commenting how much better we feel actually doing something instead just sitting around feeling helpless. Thank you for letting me be a part of your work.”

– Joyce Davis

“It is amazing how being involved with others can make so much difference in a positive way. When one is just out there on your own it’s isolating and hard to gain momentum. I so appreciate PHA because you are allowing me to participate and feel like I am making a positive difference. So much harder to do when on one’s own.”

– Anonymous Volunteer

“We had so much fun, and we’re very moved by what you said. Sometimes after we volunteer somewhere I question whether we really made a difference, or question the work that the organization is doing but that was definitely not how any of us felt today. PHA is so sensible. It’s just the right thing to do, and although I know we impacted the community in an almost immeasurable way, I don’t think there is much of an argument to say something is more worthwhile than helping provide a decent living space.”

– Jonathan Abbott, PA Class of ‘13