Our mission is to furnish the homes of people in need, free of charge. At Project Home Again, we partner with social service agencies in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts to bring new and gently used household goods, furniture and appliances to low-income families in need so they can live with comfort and dignity. We try to make the experience as positive as we can, having a personal shopper choose items that reflect their personality and individual style. It’s what allows us to truly turn their houses into homes.

Our work is people-focused and people-powered, and there are three groups that make the magic of Project Home Again possible — our clients, our volunteers and our donors.

Our Clients

We’re helping survivors of domestic abuse, people transitioning from homelessness, refugees, veterans, extended families from Puerto Rico, families down on their luck, whose houses have burned down, people transitioning from drug and alcohol halfway houses, house infestations due to landlord negligence, and many others. Every client is greeted with a welcoming smile and an assurance that we are here to help to the best of our ability.

Our Volunteers

We care about our volunteers and their experiences working with us. So we let them choose what they’d like to do and how often they’d like to do it. Our wonderful group of volunteers make Project Home Again a welcoming place and a well-oiled machine.

Sound like a fun way to get involved? Check out our volunteer opportunities. We’d love for you to join us!

Woman and Child Unpacking

Our Donors

Those who donate to Project Home Again do so out of love. They’re parting with items they may have had for years, those things that have made their own houses feel like homes. They don’t just give furniture, they give memories, knowing that a new family in need will be able to use their belongings to create memories of their own. And for this, we’re forever grateful to all those that give.

Looking around your home is there anything you can bear to part with that could bring another family some happy memories? See what we accept and how to give.