Our volunteers are what make PHA a special organization! Because we believe it is important to give people a meaningful way to help the community, our goal is to make every volunteer feel like their time spent at PHA is fulfilling. There are so many different jobs that need to be done and we encourage our volunteers to decide which feels best for them.

A favorite thing for us is to see the bonds that have formed with our volunteer staff and also to see how their lives have been touched by their interactions with our clients. Whether you want to help out each week, once a month, or every so often, we hope to see you soon!

Come Together and Help Others

We provide an outlet for our community to come together to help others in a warm, kind environment that fosters collaboration and creativity. We do things a bit differently at PHA – no minimum or maximum volunteer hours, flexible shift options, and a plethora of ways to get involved at almost any age. We encourage everyone to find what makes them most happy and do just that at PHA.  Our volunteers are family and the best people we know!

If you’re interested in volunteering check out our one-time and on-going volunteer opportunities to learn more and select the opportunity that’s right for you.