Good Night’s Sleep Program

One of the most important things we do at Project Home Again is providing new mattress sets to our clients that have no bed of their own — some are currently sleeping on the floor, sharing with too many family members in one bed, or sleeping on mattresses so old, uncomfortable or unsanitary that they need replacing. Your monetary donation helps give a “good night sleep” to someone in need. It can affect the way they see the whole world, whether achieving more in school, at work, or having the stamina to beat an illness.

And new to our program is our Bed Bundles for children. For just $150, we can provide a child who has suffered a traumatic event with a new mattress set, metal frame, new comforter, sheets, pillow, stuffed animals, and books to make bedtime something tranquil, cozy, and special.

Agency Partners can sign up for the Good Night Sleep Program for your clients!

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