Welcome to our expectations page for new PHAmily members. This is a great place for our partners to prepare their clients for a visit to PHA. Our greatest pleasure is to send each PHAmily member home with not only everything they need, but we want joyful and positive emotions to be attached to the furniture and household goods they select. We find it contributes to a happy and stable environment for your clients.

Setting Expectations

When you sit down with your client to fill out the checklist, we like to think of it as an empowering document. You and your client should discuss what they need to live comfortably while keeping in mind that we provide for over 2800 PHAmily members a year. All mattresses and bed pillows are brand new and are provided to your clients that either do not currently have a mattress or pillow or theirs is unsafe or unsanitary.

Although we would love to be able to provide everything on the checklist, the reality is some items are hardly ever donated and just too expensive for us to purchase. The last thing we want is for PHAmily members to be disappointed, so it would be great if you could let them know in advance that the following items most likely will not be available if requested: microwaves, vacuums, air conditioners, fans, crock pots, kitchen carts, toaster ovens, floor lamps, hampers, laundry baskets, irons, ironing boards

Photo Gallery

In the photo gallery below, you will see the pictures of our “shop” so your client can see the type of things we stock. We hope that it helps them to prepare for their visit and we look forward to helping your client turn their house into a home soon!