At Project Home Again, we are filling a need for those who could use a helping hand in our community. For the individuals we work with, where they live lacks many of the comforts that you might think about when picturing a home. We are here to turn those houses into homes without judgement and filled with compassion for our neighbors.

Our Mission

Project Home Again furnishes the homes of people in need, free of charge.

Our Vision

Everyone in the community that we serve lives in the comfort and dignity they deserve.


  1. People-focused and people powered
  2. Personalized and positive client experience
  3. Client dignity and comfort
  4. Community of volunteers serving our wider community

Theory of Change

Treating all people with dignity and respect, especially during times of crisis, honors their humanity and helps them more effectively create a new home environment – so they can more effectively rebuild their lives.


  • Source new and gently used household goods, furniture, and small appliances from the local community, corporate partnerships, people all across the US, Canada, and Europe via our TikTok reach, and from movie production companies
  • Receive intake referrals from more than 600 social workers and caseworkers from over 160 local social service organizations, public agencies, and other community support groups.
  • Provide conveniently located and beautifully appointed display space where client can “shop” by appointment only, to choose free items that reflect their personality and individual style.
  • Meet regularly with other local social service agencies to ensure that our shared clients have access to all of the wrap-around services available to them.