Hi everyone, my name is Daon. I’ve been a volunteer at PHA for a year or two now, and the experience there is just lovely. Everyone there is super friendly. Even if people are shy in the beginning, by the end of the day we all work together, joking around and talking as if we’d known each other our whole lives.

I volunteer at PHA because my Sundays are normally free so why not do something with my time instead of sitting at home playing video games? It’s always fun to go to PHA because you get to meet new people and have fun together as you organize and bring in inventory for those who need them.

There are snacks and water for the volunteers if you ever get hungry or thirsty, and it’s always fun going up and down in the industrial elevator. All around, PHA is a great place to volunteer. It has a great cause and you can have a great time. If you have free time on Sunday, why not help others and come to PHA? We could always use more volunteers.


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